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Mary Catalano, who served as a U.S. Air Force Evacuation Medic and rescued survivors from the Jonestown Massacre in 1978, has been featured in a national magazine.


Catalano was recently a short-term resident of Life Care Center of Hickory Woods, Tennessee, a center run by Life Care Centers of America. The company manages more than 200 centers around the country and publishes a handful of residents’ life stories each year in its LEADER magazine. Catalano’s story was recently published in the 2019 edition.


Although she began her college career by studying music on scholarship at Austin Peay University, Catalano had an encounter with fate her senior year that would forever change her course in life. After she met a woman who served as a recruiter for the U.S. Air Force, Catalano decided to apply to the program. On this new path, she discovered her love of serving others through the practice of medicine and learned to fly four different aircraft for aeromedical evacuation.


In the fall of 1978, Catalano embarked on one of the most memorable and haunting missions of her career as she rushed to save survivors of the Jonestown massacre in Jonestown, Guyana.


In addition to her military service, Catalano raised two children with her husband, Dominic Catalano. They lived together in Dickson, Tennessee, until he passed away in 2010. Since then, Catalano has participated in the therapy program at Life Care Center of Hickory Woods a few times – most recently as a short-term resident in February 2019. She returned home in June.


For more information or to obtain a complimentary copy of LEADER magazine, stop by Life Care Center of Hickory Woods, or call 615-501-3500.