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On Dec. 22, 2017, 10-year-old Blake Cullen gave patients and associates at Life Care Center of Hickory Woods in Antioch, Tennessee, a Christmas gift they will never forget.


Cullen rides by the building each day, and as Christmastime came around, he was inspired to do something nice for the patients. He started collecting money to buy Christmas presents for them and eventually raised $1,000. His mother matched his contribution for an impressive $2,000. With this money and help from his family and friends, he bought a gift for each patient at Life Care Center of Hickory Woods.


Gifts included items like soft blankets, socks, lotions and candy.


“He even went so far as to individually wrap each gift for the patients!” said Debbie Guy, activity director.


Cullen, his family and friends, visited the facility to deliver the gifts to every patient there. After handing out the presents, they sang Christmas carols to a dining room full of patients, associates and visitors.


“Blake is truly a blessing to the community and an inspiration to many,” said Guy. “We would like to thank Blake and his family and friends for such a memorable Christmas.”